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>> up as they are great support people.
>> As regards to actual statistics, I would aim to find evidence with
>> rainfall and SIMILAR soil type
>> as soil pH and water content effect breakdown (if any) of toxins and
>> leaching away from the surface,
>> you may or may not be on bore water - this is unfortunate if you are as
>> toxins leached could be 
>> resurfaced and re-applied in the bore water.
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>> > I need help for my court case on Oct 7, 1997 because our Organic fruit
>> > and peacock farm was over spraided 2 years ago.  Is there any printed
>> > material on how long  2,4D will effect my fruit trees, have been told
>> > to 4 years...what about the soil...any hepl on court cases where people
>> > won a case...just found your page...we need to have all we can...the
>> > 2,4D has caused lost on our peacocks, do you know any cases on
>> > poultry???
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Well 2,4-D has now been "proved" to be carcenogenic, something we all knew 20
years ago.  I guess one may regard this as more or less permanent, no time
limit.  I have observed, as Director of the Forest Ecosystem Rescue Project
Int'l, that trees around wheat fields in Kansas, USA, seem to "explode" in
slow motion, rotting fromt he inside out.  Even rot-resistant species such as
black locust (Robinia psuedoacacia) do this.  It is awful to see.  It has to
be 2,4-D spray drift as pilots do not really care which way the wind is
blowing or if you want it on your place or not.  I had to move the venue of a
design course in Kansas because we got drift-sprayed with the awful stuff.  

There is an ubiquitous contaminant in 2,4-D which is the most serious

Alas, I do not remember the sources although I think one may have been in one
of Peter Rachael's online reports.  In my view, spraying carcenogens on one's
food supply is violent and deadly assault and all self-defence means
appropriate to such assault are valid. 

Good luck.  

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