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The following is a schematic for a soil worm bin designed to attract
worms that are aleady in the area and as a starting point for

              Top up hole
              |  Cover/mud cap
              |  |
    --=======  =======-- <----- Soil level
    s |++++++++++++++|   <----- Organic matter (i.e. leaves, manure, 
    u |              |   <---\  compost etc.)                    
    b |              |        \ 
      |              |         \
    s |              |          Marmite[1] soaked shredded newspaper
    u |              |         /
    r |              |        /
    f |              |   <---/
    a |++++++++++++++|   <----- Organic matter (i.e. leaves, manure, 
    c ----------------          compost etc.)   
    e /    |    |    \
     /     |    |     \
    /      |    |      \ <----- Resonably deep spike holes into soil

[1] Marmite. A trade name for spreadable yeast extract in the UK.
Similar to (but nicer than ;-)) Vegamite(sp?) in AUS. I don't known what
an analagous product would be for the US but I'm sure theres something
similar. I can't find the refs but experiments and Permaculturalist have
found that diluted Marmite when used in the above system sends worms
into a reproductive frenzy!

.The hole for the bin is generally about a spades width square and a
spits deep (18*28cm)(@8*11.5") but there are no rules as such.

.The base and the sides of the hole should be spiked quite deeply to
assit drainage and aeration.

.A base of organic matter several cm's deep should be laid on the base
of the hole

.Shredded newspaper (waterbased ink, no colour pictures) soaked in a
dilution of Marmite should then be used to fill the whole to within
several cm's of the top of the hole.

.Top up the hole with more organic matter and finally cap with soil
leaving a top up hole for further additions of Marmite or introduction
of worms. Over time the contents of the bin settle and should be topped
up. I would imagine that in the urban environment the hole should be
capped with a cover suitable to prevent the bin being a foot trip!

Other materials can be used in the bin in addition to or instead of the
Marmite i.e. the water from: boiled vegetables, rice or pasta. Basically
anything that has a high organic contect in a form accessible to worms.
There are many variations that can be experimented with including just
creating the bin and capping it of completly. Try different methods and
materials, record what you did and how you did it and if it works repeat
it, if it doesn't try something else.

I seem to remember that there are +800 chemical compounds in coffee
including base analogues!

Good luck

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