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In addition to featured speakers on the contribution to sustainable
agriculture of English horticulturist Alan Chadwick, the following
workshops will be availble Oct  3-5 at the East Coast Biodynamic Farming
and Gardening Conference.

o Eugene Canales: Italian Spading Machine Clinic*

o Eugene Canales: Walking Tractors*

o Hugh Courtney: Working with Barrel Compost *

o Hugh Courtney: Making BD 500 (horn packing and discussion)*

o Bruce Blevins: Succulent Garden Greens

o Jennifer Greene: The Nature of the Vortex

o Jennifer Greene: Working with Water*

o Jim Foltz: The World of Medicinal Herbs (including a discussion of
tincture making) (not BD)

o Rex Harrill: Food Quality Testing: BRIX(not BD)

o Andrea Huff: Human Nutrition, Child Development and the Development of
Spiritual Receptivity

o Paul Lee: TBA Herb Topic (not BD)

o Harvey Lisle: Food Quality Testing Series: Dowsing

o Harvey Lisle: A Cure for Bee Mites

o Hugh Lovel: Cosmic Pipe Workshop (Build your own pipe in this workshop.
Hugh has some inexpensive kits and will help you construct, tune, and
operate your pipe. You must reserve a kit before the show!)

o Hugh Lovel: What is Biodynamics?

o Mike Nickerson: Global Climate Change and Sustainable Agriculture (Not

o Gary Puterka: Machined Clay Sprays for Pest and Disease Control  (Not BD:

o Craig Siska: TBA Chadwick Method Class
(double digging or horticultural topic)

o Steve Storch Farm-scale stirring machine demo

o Mark Trela: BD Cut Flower Production. Drying flowers organically for
crafts and display.

o Chris Shay: Food Quality Testing Series: Paper Chromatography,
Crystallization, etc

o Peter Tompkins: Secret Life of Nature (Presentation Cancelled: Special
Video for this Conference (A few signed copies of "Secret Life of Nature"
first edition hardback available for $22.50. (Reserve!))

o Dan Underwood: The Cabrini Greens inner city gardening  project

NOTE: Some workshops are open to the public with no charge, but
reservations must be made!!

For more information: Allan Balliett, Conference Coordinator, (304) 876-2373
igg at igg.com or http://www.biodynamics.com

*These are several hour long, hands-on workshops Come when you can, leave
when you want, come again later.


East Coast BD Conference Oct 3-5, featuring Jennifer Greene, Hugh Courtney,
Hugh Lovel, Bruce Blevins, Harvey Lisle and an incredible SPADING MACHINE
CLINIC (both field size machines and garden size machines) + many other
events of interest to ecological growers.
http://www.biodynamics.com for more information!!

West Coast BD Conference Nov 7-9 featuring Jennifer Greene, Steve Moore and
Anne Mendenhall. For more information, call the BDA office or check out the
URL above.

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