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Permaculture Drylands Institute offers a Zone Zero workshop 

with John Wallace, Vicki Marvick, and Ben Haggard

For registration and information?  Call the PDI office at 505/983-0663
To bring a Zone Zero workshop to your community, call John at
e-mail: PDrylands at

October 10-12, Santa Fe, New Mexico
November 14-16, Tucson, Arizona

“..everything we think and do affects the whole: ourwhole/holy selves,
our families, our communities, the earth as a whole, and even the vast
Susun Weed, Healing Wise

Human consciousness forms the “ground” of our inner landscape.  In this
workshop, we move from healing the land around us to healing the
disconnection within ourselves, our families, and our communities.  We
will create an environment for exploring the whole of our selves,
ultimately bringing our insights outward—into family and community,
landscape, and garden.
We will explore these themes:
•	Developing awareness of our unique, essential nature.  What is our
unique purpose in life?
•	Contacting the healthy, whole being within.  Which parts of ourselves
do we express and which do we block?  Are we using our full creative
•	Assessing relationship with self and others.  Do the energetic flows
in our lives support us fully in our purpose?  Where do we experience
resistance, discomfort and pain? 
•	Making connections.  How can we connect with our unique, expansive
wisdom?  What catalyzes change?  How can resistance be an ally in growth
and healing?  What skills do we need to be in healthy relationship with
self and others?

Join us for an empowering journey into self and community.

About the Facilitators
John Wallace has a broad background which includes experience as a
business consultant, teacher and group facilitator.  He currently works
as a consultant, creating business plans for organizations and projects
worldwide.  He is Executive Director of Permaculture Drylands Institute,
and also leads wilderness vision quests.  Some years ago John developed
“The Business of You”—the workshop which evolved into Zone Zero—drawing
from his experience as a teacher and business consultant.  Vicki
Marvick, past Executive Director of Permaculture Drylands Institute and
editor of Permaculture Drylands Journal, came to permaculture work after
five years as a midwife, obstetric nurse, and nursing instructor.  Her
article, First Garden—described by Lea Harrison as “a significant
contribution to putting humanity into permaculture”—initiated a
year-long internal exploration of permaculture’s application to personal
healing.  Most recently, Vicki has coordinated PDI’s first
organizational assessment.  Ben Haggard wrote Living Community: A
Permaculture Case Study at Sol y Sombra, a book chronicling the
regeneration of human community and landscape on the well-known
permaculture site in Santa Fe.  His articles on permaculture have
appeared in national publications, and his landscape design work has
been featured in Architectural Digest, Organic Gardening and Garden
Design magazines.  Since 1994, he has taught advanced courses and led
teacher trainings for Permaculture Drylands Institute.  Motivated by his
own empowering experience with “The Business of You” workshop several
years ago, Ben helped evolve the Zone Zero workshop.
This workshop is non-residential; fee includes lunches.  Prerequisite:
Permaculture Design Course.  Workshop limited to twenty participants. 
Out of town participants may call for assistance in finding lodging.

Fee: $225  Non-refundable deposit of $75 holds a place in the workshop.  

Visa and Master card accepted. 

Snail mail: PDI  PO. Box 156, Santa Fe, NM 87504

For registration and information?  Call the PDI office at 505/983-0663

To bring a Zone Zero workshop to your community, call John at
e-mail: PDrylands at

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