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EcoVillage at Ithaca presents:

Regenerating the Waters of Life:
Ecological Approaches to Human Habitat
a Permaculture workshop

October 17-19, hands-on practicum Oct. 20
with Dave Jacke
well-known practitioner of permaculture design

" His body belongs to him, but his body's water belongs to the tribe"
		Frank Herbert, Dune

	Water is that substance which most unites us: what we drink, eat
and breath in today is passed on to our neighbors tomorrow.  In other
words, "we all live downstream."  As our paradigms shift from isolation and
alienation to joyful celebration of our oneness with all creation, how can
we embody this knowing in our homes, our landscapes, and our communities?
In this workshop we will explore a myriad of principles and approaches to
the ecological design of human habitat with a focus on water.  Where do we
fit into the local water cycle?  What water sources are available, how can
we store and use them, and how can we appropriately deal with our "waste"
water?  What opportunities are there for aquaculture and irrigation?  How
can falling and flowing water benefit terrestrial ecosystems without
	Participants will undertake brief design problems on roof runoff
water systems and/or greywater treatment systems, and we will begin work on
a biotechnical erosion control system at the EcoVillage site.  The optional
third day will involve more intensive hands-on work with biotechnical
erosion control and/or greywater system design, depending on weather  and
group interest.  Each participant will receive a copy of Create an Oasis
with Greywater as well as a reader on the topics covered in the course.

Dave Jacke has been studying, teaching and practicing ecological design and
permaculture as a landscape design and land use planning consultant for
over twelve years.  He has designed ponds, dams, wetlands restoration
projects, and water quality improvement, wastewater treatment and erosion
control systems for homes, farms, communities and housing developments.
Dave built the first household constructed wetland wastewater treatment
system in New Hampshire in 1992 after a 5 year research, design, and
approval effort.

EcoVillage at Ithaca is a  living/learning community based on sustainable
development practices.  It  attempts to integrate environmental
technologies with the latest in socially innovative housing.  Located less
than 2 miles from Ithaca, NY, plans for the 176 acre site include
conserving 80% of the land for agriculture, woods and wetlands and
developing up to five cohousing neighborhoods.

Cost: $100-$150 sliding scale for 2 days, $150-$200 sliding scale for 3
days.  There 	will also be a $10 materials fee for participants.

Registration:  Register soon!(maximum of 30 people) Early bird special:
take 	$10 off full fee if paid by 9/ 15.  Deposit of $50, non-refundable
after 9/30

Accomodations and Food:  some camping on site (free), limited shared
	housing on site (add $30/night..includes breakfast), list of local
motels 	and B&Bs available.   A delicious vegetarian lunch is provided

Send your registration with check made out to:  EcoVillage/CRESP
 	EcoVillage , Anabel Taylor Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

For more information call Liz Walker at 607-255-8276 or
	email: ecovillage @

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