1997 East Coast Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Conference

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SHEPHERDSTOWN, WV: The 1997 East Coast Biodynamic Farming and Gardening
Conference will be held October 3-5 at Claymont Court, a 400 acre
organic estate outside of Charles Town, WV. The conference, which
features national speakers on sustainable agriculture, herbalism,
nutrition and water quality starts at 5 pm on Friday and ends late
Sunday afternoon.

Biodynamics is a practical approach to organic sustainable agriculture
and gardening. Biodynamics, which was founded by German educator Rudolf
Steiner (Waldorf Schools) in the 1920's, seeks to further soil and water
conservation while increasing soil fertility in order to improve
nutrition and health. It is a practical and proven
approach to growing without dangerous chemicals or costly amendments.

The purpose of the conference is to provide an opportunity for people
with an interest in growing ecologically, in quality herbalism, in water
quality, and other topics related to taking care of ourselves and the
earth to gather with like-minded people for three days. Dozens of
lectures and workshops on topics of interest to both commercial and
hobbiest organic growers and wellness workers are certain to stimulate
discussion and networking among attendees. The conference is designed to
be accessible to beginners while being stimulating to experienced
Among the topics addressed will be the American teachings of British
horticulturist Alan Chadwick, whose approach to high productivity
through knowledge of the cultural needs of plants, carefully executed
cultivation, and artfully 'brewed' composts is typical of the biodynamic
approach to 'Garden Quality Farming;' walking tractor and spading
machine clinics; kitchen table tests that can determine produce or
compost quality; vortexes and flow forms; using the biodynamic
preparations; growing herbs and making tinctures; organic cut flowers
and preservation; sustainable ag and the global climate change; Clay
'sprays' for insect control and disease prevention; dowsing and

Among the featured speakers are Dr. Paul Lee; Peter Tompkins; Hugh
Courtney; Hugh Lovel; Jennifer Greene; Bruce Blevins; Eugene Canales;
Craig Siska and Jimmy Foltz

REGISTRATION: $149 for the entire conference & 6 organic/biodynamic
               meals.  Camping/On-site Lodging/Child Care are available.

FULL PRESS RELEASE is available at


                      Allan Balliett, Conference Coordinator
                      (304) 876-2373; (304) 876-9414 FAX
                      biodynamics at biodynamics.com

This conference is sponsored by the Biodynamic Association of America
    and by the Demeter Biodynamic Certification Association and
    the West Virginia Herb Association.

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East Coast BD Conference Oct 3-5, featuring Jennifer Greene, Hugh Courtney,
Hugh Lovel, Bruce Blevins, Harvey Lisle and an incredible SPADING MACHINE
CLINIC (both field size machines and garden size machines) + many other
events of interest to ecological growers.
http://www.biodynamics.com for more information!!

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