food irradiation

David Fuller sol3az at
Sat Sep 13 06:27:13 EDT 1997

The object of food irradiation is to stop things moving. By that we mean 
genes, and their products, the various toxins that some E.coli strains 

We digest proteins that we consume, and interconvert the oligopeptides 
and amino acids into the host of substances that make up our communities.

We convert sugars...we assemble pretty much what 4 billion years of 
genetic experimentation has equipped us to deal with.

But what you are talking about is dead meat...

Very dead meat....meat that the autolysis process has begun to convert 
into the classic "tender" steak. The free radicals and lipid peroxides
have just a tiny path length before they expire in a welter of 
half-denatured proteins (Rare Steak).

A shame that the 25 million pounds of protein-rich food was wasted in a 
world that has so little care for its poor. We are not dealing with 
Cordon Bleu cooking here, but simply the need to provide the basic 
building blocks for life.

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> > > john valenzuela wrote:
> > > > I don't see that food irradiation fits into permaculture.
> Agreed. Why don't we try to end this thread pretty soon?
> > It is my understanding that irradiation of food makes use of high 
> > voltages to create ionising radiation, much the same way as x-rays 
> > are produced. In both processes there is no involvement of 
> > radioactive materials and no radioactive by-products.
> Wrong. Electricity is not used. Spent nuclear fuel is used to irradiate
> food products. It probably kills enzymes in the food utilized by humans 
> for digestion. It may destroy vitamins & produce unhealthy or toxic
> byproducts as well.
> For all you would like to know about food irradiation call:
> Food and Water
> Vermont, USA
> 1-800-EATSAFE (there may be a new number)
> - maybe thay have email & a website

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