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Date: Tue, 9 Sep 1997 14:15:21 -0600
From: Rachel Freifelder <rrfreifelder at ucdavis.edu>
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Subject: Midwest consulting opportunity

The Dancing Rabbit Project, a forming ecovillage in northeast Missouri, is
about to close on our purchase of 276 beautiful acres of rolling, grassy
hills, streams and woods.  We are looking for some professional assistance
in creating our land management plan.  The appropriate person would be a
landscape-level thinker with a broad knowledge of soils, hydrology,
ecology, microclimate, etc; familiar with the landscape and climate of our
region; and preferably with design or planning experience in this region.
Specific certification in permaculture is not essential; the consultant
could be trained in landscape architecture, agroecology, regional planning,
etc, so long as they have experience in the above areas.   Our group
already includes an ecologist, a civil engineer, and an experienced small
farmer, and we would prefer to work with someone who will educate us rather
than simply advise us, such that we are able to modify our plan as time

If anyone on this list can recommend a consultant, please pass on contact
information as appropriate. If you feel qualified to help us, please visit
our web site at


and then send a cover letter, resume and some ballpark estimates of
consulting fees to this address and
dancing-rabbit at ic.org.

In community,
Rachel Freifelder
Dancing Rabbit Project

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