Patterning Intensive

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Date: November 6-9

Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico

Instructors: Tim Murphy and Ben Haggard

Fee: $525 ($500 if received before Oct.6th)
	 Credit cards accepted, non-refundable deposit of $175 holds a place
 	 in the workshop.

Prerequisite: Basic Permaculture Design Course

P.O. Box 156 
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504
Need more information? Call Jenny (505) 983-0663

Life takes its form from the flows that move through it,
and the forces that pass over it. Interaction between functional needs
and dynamic flow shapes living organisms, structures, and systems.

The ability to "read" patterns brings us into dynamic relationship with
landscape, changing our perception of ourselves and the world around us

Through Patterning, we apply the dynamics of flow in nature to the
design of homes, farms, and communities. Patterning allows the designer
to weave natural and human energy patterns within an integrated whole.
Using patterning, we can assess and manage a sophisticated body of
information, and reach design conclusions quickly and accurately.

We possess a natural, inborn awareness of patterns. However, as members
of a symbol literate society, our pattern recognition skills often
atrophy. Whether you are a permaculture designer wanting to heighten
your design skills, a permaculture teacher seeking a better
understanding of this crucial area of permaculture knowledge, or
applying permaculture concepts in your own life, this workshop will
immerse you in pattern observation and patterning practice, enhancing
your skills and awareness. It aims to

- reawaken innate pattern recognition skills, building upon
participants' current understanding and state of awareness

-provide experience with extrapolating the patterns and dynamics of flow
from one to another

- apply pattern understanding to the design process

Workshop activities include field outings, optional aerial flyover,
group discussion and projects, slide presentations, and experiential

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