food irradiation

Lawrence F. London, Jr. london at
Wed Sep 10 23:54:01 EDT 1997

On Wed, 10 Sep 1997, Tim Reynolds wrote:

> > john valenzuela wrote:
> > > I don't see that food irradiation fits into permaculture.
Agreed. Why don't we try to end this thread pretty soon?

> It is my understanding that irradiation of food makes use of high 
> voltages to create ionising radiation, much the same way as x-rays 
> are produced. In both processes there is no involvement of 
> radioactive materials and no radioactive by-products.

Wrong. Electricity is not used. Spent nuclear fuel is used to irradiate
food products. It probably kills enzymes in the food utilized by humans 
for digestion. It may destroy vitamins & produce unhealthy or toxic
byproducts as well.

For all you would like to know about food irradiation call:

Food and Water
Vermont, USA
1-800-EATSAFE (there may be a new number)
- maybe thay have email & a website

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