Resource: Weather patterns & El Nino

Loren Davidson loren at
Tue Sep 9 14:36:58 EDT 1997

First, apologies for those who are subbed to both Pc lists & get this twice.

I just found a wonderful document yesterday on the Web, which describes
several of the major climatic oscillations that determine weather patterns
over North America, including the El Nino/La Nina, the Quasi-Biennial
Oscillation (upper atmosphere winds), and solar cycles.  For those of us
seeking to understand the patterns of our weather and climate and hoping to
plan longer-term, I think it makes an excellent read: - the base document - Intellicast weather service, which has, among
other things, satellite and radar maps updated hourly.  If you go in this
way, look for links to Dr. Dewpoint and/or El Nino.

This one, to me, is a keeper.

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