HOAX! Re: Virus alert -Forwarded

Loren Davidson loren at wombat.net
Tue Sep 2 01:00:02 EDT 1997

At 07:32 AM 8/30/97 -0600, Simon Henderson wrote:
>>>>Subject: Virus alert
>>>>Mime-Version: 1.0
>>>>Content-Type: text/plain
>>>>Content-Disposition: inline
>>>>WARNING!!!!!! If you receive an e-mail titled "JOIN THE  CREW" DO NOT
>>>>open it!

This is a hoax of the same genre as the "Good Times virus".

Please don't spread it any further.  The message is, essentially, the virus,
as it self-replicates every time someone forwards it on.

There are several good sites on the Web which report Internet hoaxes,
including the virus hoaxes.  I'm at my home computer, so I don't have the
URL's for you right now, but a search on Yahoo might turn them up.

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