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>Hi there !
>I'm an environmental engineer, currently studying the web on
>permaculture issues.
>I am examening the possibilities for setting up a permaculture
>information center in Holland, as there is not one existing yet. So I am
>currently doing research on:
>- who are occupying with permaculture in Holland (who is who);
>- how do they work (who does what);
>- what are they focussing on (how do they do that);
>- would they want to participate in such an institute (if yes, in what
>- why did their efforts not result in such an institute yet ?
>I found quitte some answers to these questions, reading the permaculture
>sites on the web and talking to the Dutch Permaculture avant-garde.
>So I am now making plans to create a business-plan with Fransje De Waard
>and hopefully others that are actually active on promoting permaculture.
>I allso found out that there are now (at least) 3 initiatives to set up
>an ecovillage in Holland. In one of them, the Dutch permaculture Centre
>could be located best.
>For further information you can contact me at:
>Its van der Es
>Brederodestraat 54-I
>1054 MX  Amsterdam
>its.vanderes at


Here is our only Holland contact from our directory, TRIP (The Resources of
International Permaculture).

Permacultuur Niewsbrief
c/o Ronald Oostendorp
Oosterdyk 57 E
1601 DB Enkhuizen

We also have 32 groups listed in the Netherlands (most not specifically
permaculture groups as there are about 15 other categories we include as
related to permaculture).  Email me privately about how to get a complete
copy of TRIP.

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1982), Elfin Permaculture workshops, lectures, Permaculture Design Courses,
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courses via email.  Next starts in Oct. 1997. Internships available.
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