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>I'm searching for information about "hugoculture", a gardening style
>using deep and coarse mulches. I saw an article in French at Peter
>Bane's but it was a bad photocopy and faxed after that...and I don't
>speak French (cest la vie). I've been playing around with it for a few
>years and wondered if y'all had tried it or sourced info about it.
>Keith Johnson
>Sonoma Permaculture	
>keithdj at sonic.net

Hi Keith:

We have not seen the material on Hugoculture, however we have published
material on permaculture with deep mulch.  We also have a copy of the Jean
Pain book which goes into some detail on some deep mulch techniques.  That
used to be available in the USA (in English, though a dreadful translation).
 I'm trying to remember who was distributing it.  

The soils issue of one of our publications, THE INTERNATIONAL PERMACULTURE
SOLUTIONS JOURNAL (Vol. 1, #3), goes into deep mulch to some extent as we did
it for a number of years in our old Orange, Massachusetts, location.  It is a
perfect adjunct to seasonal poultry foraging in the mulch (late fall and
early spring).  Grafted apples were girdled when a neighbor's poorly managed
sheds were buldozed by a new owner (rats invaded) but seedlings that
germinated in the mulch were not harmed--mostly nut trees and some crab
apples.  Interesting.  We used chickens against the rats--they broke up the
burrows.  Well I'm never going to sell that closet full of back issues if I
go on.  Besides, I have to harvest water hacinth for our chinampas today.

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