Molly Arnhold marnhold01 at
Wed Nov 12 11:20:06 EST 1997

Hi there-
I was wondering if the Sierra Club knew anything about or practiced the
transcendentalist's beliefs and views?  The Sierra Club's 1998 calendar
has a letter from the president titled "To Conquer A Mountain" and he
had mentioned Emerson and Thoreau - which are transcendentalists
themselves.  I am also wondering if you have any pictures that would
describe transcendentalism?  And what the transcendentalists' concept of
nature is . . . . being the conservationists you pose to be, I would
think you would have much knowledge on this topic.  It would be greatly
appreciated if you could help me out!  Thank you!  Sincerely,  Molly
marnhold01 at

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