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>Biological Agriculture & Horticulture is an international journal for 
>sustainable production systems published by, and obatinable from,   AB 
>Academic Publishers, P.O. Box 42, Bicester, Oxon. OX6 7NW, U.K.
>Volume 14(4) has just been published with the following contents:
>Effects of legume live-mulch on crop performance, soil available 
>nitrogen and crop N status in intensive tropical vegetable 
>production.  V. Kleinhenz et al.

>Energy output and animal production from grazed grass/clover pastures 
>in Sweden.  B.E. Frankow-Lindberg and D-A. Danielsson.
>A test system with limited beds for evaluation of growing methods, 
>applied to ecologically cultivated greenhouse tomatoes (Lycopersicon 
>esculentum Mill.).  L. Garedal and B. Lundegardh.
>Effect of exposure of eggs to vapours from essential oils on egg
>mortality, development and adult emergence in Earias vitella (F.) 
>(Lepidoptera: Noctuidae).  S. Marimuthu et al.

What eggs please do they have a common name.

>Nitrogen release from leaves, and prunings of different tree species 
>used as green manures.  M. Browaldh.

This is interesting information.

>Yield and quality constraints of cabbage planted in rye mulch.  H. 
>Bottenberg et al.
>Spider abundance in sugarcane:  Impact of cultural practices, 
>irrigation and post-harvest trash burning.  J. Srikanth et al.
>Editorial correspondence and manuscripts for publication should be 
>sent to:  Prof. P.J.C. Harris, School of Natural and Environmental 
>Sciences, Coventry University, Priory Street, Coventry CV1 5FB, U.K.
>          Dr Phil Harris Head of International Research          
>Henry Doubleday Research Association   Tel: 01023 308200 (direct)
>Ryton-on-Dunsmore                      Tel: 01203 303517 (sboard)
>Coventry CV8 3LG  UK                   Fax: 01203 639229
 Do you have any knowledge/interest in Schumann Waves.

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