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Apologies to SANET subscribers for duplication --
>The Soul of Agriculture: A New Production Ethic for the 21st Century
>November 14 - 16 in Minneapolis, MN.

>This national conference will explore agricultural ethics from the point
>of view of five practioner catagories:  environmental, farmer/producer,
>faith community, consumer, and rural communities perspective.  The first
>day will provide an overview of different perspectives, the second day
>will give some concrete examples of efforts to practice ethical behavior
>as well as give participants an opportunity to draft an ethics statement
>for the next century.  The final day will focus on ways to share this
>ethical statement in our communities and with our collegues.
>For more information and to register call: 202/537-0191 (or email me)
>The list of speakers and people facilitating the drafting workshops
>indicates the quality of this conference.  The speakers should be
>motivating, and the drafting sessions productive.  This is NOT a
>sit-on-your-hands conference!!!  Participants will be actively engaged and
>walk away from the conference with something tangible to share with others
>concerned about food and farming systems.
>        Speakers include: Paul Johnson, USDA-Natural Resources
>Conservation Service; Fred Kirschenmann, N.D. farmer; Winona LaDuke, White
>Earth Reservation;  Bob Welborn and Richard Clugston, Center for Respect
>of Life and the Environment; Paul Thompson, Purdue ethicist; Derrick
>Jensen, environmental author from Spokane; Leland Swenson, National
>Farmers Union; Bishop Raymond Burke from the National Catholic Rural Life
>Conference; Kate Clancy, Henry Wallace Institute for Alternative
>Agriculture; Cornelia Butler Flora, North Central Regional Center for
>Rural Development; Ann Robinson, Iowa Department of Agriculture; Dana
>Jackson, Land Stewardship Project; George Siemon, WI farmer and Coolie
>Region Organic Produce Pool; Larry Olson, MN farmer; Joan Allsup, IA
>farmer; Margaret Mellon, Union of Concerned Scientists; John Hall, Michael
>Fields Agricultural Institute; Cheryl Miller, National Audubon Society;
>Rebecca Goldberg, Environmental Defense Fund; Ferd Hoefner, Sustainable
>Agriculture Coalition; Michelle Miller, environmental consultant; Betsy
>Lydon, Mothers and Others for a Liveable Planet; C. Dean Freudenberger,
>Luther Seminary; Bernard Evans, St. John's University; Richard Haynes,
>University of FL; Gary Valen, Meadowcreek Center; Ann Woods, Midwest
>Organic Alliance; Sister Mary Mark Tacheny, Center for Earth Spirituality
>and Rural Ministry, Gayle Peterson, Northwest Consulting; Cynthia
>Vagnetti, photographer; Stan Dundon, University of CA-Davis.
>        Facilitators include:  John Bobbe, National Farmers Organization;
>Renee Hunt, Illinios Sustainable Agriculture Association; Bill Wenzel,
>Wisconsin Rural Development Center; Helene Murray, Minnesota Institute for
>Sustainable Agriculture; Tom Rogers, Center for Respect of Life and the
>Environment; Skip Polson, Heifer Project International; Ron Kroese, St.
>Croix Valley Community Foundation; Loni Kemp, Minnesota Project; Brad
>DeVries, Sustainable Agriculture Coalition; Don Wyse, Minnesota Institute
>for Sustainable Agriculture; Freeman Boyd, University of Guelph; Melanie
>Adcock, Humane Society of the United States; Arthur Getz, World
>Sustainable Agriculture Association; Sister Miriam Brown, Churches' Center
>for Land and People; Jose Montenegro, Rural Development Center; Judy
>Heffernan, Heartland Network for Town and Rural Ministries; Linda Elswick,
>World Sustainable Agriculture Association; Dan French, MN farmer; Tim
>Sullivan, environmental lawyer; Gail Kahovic, Michael Fields Agricultural
>Institute; Brother David Andrews, National Catholic Rural Life; Laurie
>Sovell, Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture; Paul Homme, MN
>farmer; Gene Paul, National Farmers Organization; Suzanne McIntosh, Clean
>Water Coalition; Barbara Meister, Meister Consulting; Jan Joannides,
>Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture; Diane Milan, MN farmer;
>Larry Swartz, National Family Farm Coalition; Prescott Bergh, MN
>Department of Agriculture; Mark Schultz, Land Stewardship Project; Sister
>Kathleen Storms, Center for Earth Spirituality and Rural Ministry; Jeanne
>Wertish, MN farmer; Marlene Halvorson, University of MN, Leland Glenna,
>Cornell University.
>Counting registrations today, there is space for about 70 more people to
>register (300 is the limit).   Seize the day!  Take this opportunity!
>Please think about attending and bringing youth and elders to participate,
>too.  For more information and to register call: 202/537-0191 (or email
>me)  Registrations are $100 for regular participants, and $40 for

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