Plant toxins

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Sun Nov 30 17:42:32 EST 1997


I don't think I read your original post correctly.  The part 
about the bibliography and what is useful didn't register clearly.  

I wonder, can you provide an example of  the plant toxins 
you are thinking about?   I suppose you mean plant toxins 
harmful to people; i.e., strychnine.  

The other toxins that come to mind are plant-based pest controls 
which I suppose could be an appropriate topic for the list, although
perhaps on another day. 
In regards to plant carcinogens, I know that Dr. Bruce Ames the 
toxicology scientist (who, by the way, does not believe pesticides 
present that much danger) identified black pepper as a natural

Well, I never did like to hear that because I like pepper and use it 
on my food liberally,,,,,but I rarely use salt.  Strangely, my brother 
on the other hand, uses salt like crazy and won't touch pepper.  
Then again, he won't eat cranberries, even at Thanksgiving.  

Steve Diver

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