Plant awareness

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Wed Nov 26 20:16:48 EST 1997

you could position your clumping bamboo upwind so that the mulch is blown
onto your other
plants requiring mulch.
what do you mean by zone 6 and 7?

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>Thanks Milo for sharing your orchard and bamboo experiences. Made good
>Regarding there any special variety that you would recommend
>is fast growing, produces strong wood that could be used for fencing, other
>farm purposes, that is fairly easy to grow in Zones 6 and 7, and that
>heavy pruning? Whew that's a mouthful.
>Oh and I forgot to not as invasive as some varieties which can
>take over a site?
>Also does shredded bamboo make good mulch. Thanks. Best wishes for a happy
>Thanksgiving to all. frank

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