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>	Two simple questions that may warrant lengthy answers.
>	Q1: What, exactly, differentiates cow manure from other animal manures
>thus leading to its historical agricultural fame?  
>	Q2:  What is lignite (or leonardite) and what virtues does it bestow upon
>the soil as an amendment?
Q1 I think that basically it has been the availability of cow manure that
has made it so highly regarded.  But there are many people who swear by
sheep manure.  I think that because cows are ruminants they digest
vegetation much better than say a horse and therefore less seed in the
manure that will sprout in your garden.

Manures also have greater or lesser amounts of nitrogen and are classified
as hotter or cooler manures.  All poultry manures are very hot and I prefer
to compost them before using them.  Hourse manure is a cool manure with a
lot of undigested seed.  Both rabbit and sheep manure is mild and and a good
manure for direct use on the garden, though not in direct contact with the
plants if it is still green.

Q2  I always thought that lignite was a form of coal that contained less
sulphur than bituminous coal - but what do I know?  I couldn't find any
other definition in my encyclopedia or in any of my soil books.  Leonardite
I couldn't find either so I am anxiously waiting to be educated
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