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Mon Nov 24 18:23:22 EST 1997

FranksFarm at wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks Milo for sharing your orchard and bamboo experiences. Made good
> reading.
> Regarding there any special variety that you would recommend that
> is fast growing, produces strong wood that could be used for fencing, other
> farm purposes, that is fairly easy to grow in Zones 6 and 7, and that stands
> heavy pruning? Whew that's a mouthful.
> Oh and I forgot to not as invasive as some varieties which can soon
> take over a site?
> Also does shredded bamboo make good mulch. Thanks. Best wishes for a happy
> Thanksgiving to all. frank


Check out "Bamboos for Shoots & Poles" a bamboo species index.  It lists
30 varieties of bamboo for farms in USDA zones 7, 8, & 9.  It is
published by Bamboo People.  You can order a copy from them through
e-mail address - simonize at
Michael Broili
mbroili at

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