Plant awareness

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Sat Nov 22 13:05:33 EST 1997


Milo Clarks post on Dr. Bose findings have such enormous implications.
<<Bose demonstrated, however, that plants react quite sharply to
heat, cold, pinching, cutting. etc>>
IMHO there seems to be a lot of new evidence and findings showing just how
complicated plant processes are, and that indeed there are reactions to
changes in their condition/environment.
We know that if we prune too heavily we can kill a plant, give it too much
heat, cold whatever we can also kill plants.
But does that mean Milo that you are saying pruning, changing environment to
favor certain growth, blooms, foliage etc. is in the long term not
I'm not sure that I'm  making myself because it is obviously a gross
simplification, but I trust you get my drift.

Love to hear comments from the experts on this.  frank

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