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Wed Nov 12 17:23:23 EST 1997

Hey Akiva!

Have you considered the paulownia tree ("Sapphire Dragon") for your sight?
 It's requires full sun, provides shade, and encourages diversity so it's a
good pioneer species.  Although it's definitely not a native species (native
of China), it has lots of potential as it grows quickly.  Here's some info.
adapted from a Sapphire Dragon flyer written by Australian Chris Lucas:

"In the first year a paulownia seedling can exceed 10 feet.  (2nd year: 15
feet and blossoms)  By the third year it's at its final height of 25 feet.
 And, it's orchid-like flowers emit a fragrance that attracts birds.
"The paulownia can be used for timber to make furniture to instruments.  It
also can be used to rehabilitate degraded farmland and can be harvested in
4,8, and 10 year cycles. There are also different varieties of Paulownia that
may be more suitable to your conditions. 
" In China, the Paulownia has used in growing high quality food crops.
 Because of their deep, straight multiple tap roots, plowing can occur within
18 inches of tall, straight, clear high value timber trunks.  Their 50% light
to shade canopy conserves water by holding in humidity, and creates ideal
growing conditions during hot summer months.  When nutrient rich leaves  drop
each fall enriching topsoil, the forest canopy opens creating ideal growing
conditions for full-sun winter crops.  Paulownia intercropping provides a
steady supply of renewable resources.

For more info. call (916) -723-6217or write Sapphire Dragon  8690 El
Sobrante, Orangeville, CA 95662.  A single tree can be purchased for $19.95 +
$5 for shipping/handling.

Although I do not have any specific experience with this plant you can
contact Joseph Smythe at jodys4 at who is affiliated with the Sapphire
Dragon company.

Carrie Colello-Gleason
PS  AKIVA! Remember me? Carrie or "Laughing Bear".  It was great to hear
you're doing such great work out there.  I'd love to come and help out, but
alas, a continent divides us.  (Hehehe!)   Also, the info. on the paulownia
tree came from joseph smythe who  was at the the course in the early portion.
 I spent some time talking with him, and he gave me a video about the tree
that I definitely recommend.  He's a good guy.
Anyhow, keep up with all your planting!

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