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Dear bruce, what is your rainfall there?  I would love to do the same but
have moderately high
rainfall.  1200mm - what kind of foundations did you use?
thankyou for your post,
>We live in the northwoods of northern Minnesota, near the headwaters of the
>Mississippi River.  We built a strawbale studio 4 summers ago for Cheryl's
>holistic health practice.  We have only glowing reports to give on its
>performance and esthetic appeal.

Our annual rainfall is just under half what yours is at less than 600 mm (23
The strawbale studio is built post and beam and the roof erected before
bringing the strawbales into play...that way they were not exposed to
possible rainstorms prior to enclosure.  A concrete footing is waterproofed
beneath the bales.  The roof has 3 foot (1 metre) overhangs all around to
act as a grand umbrella.  The bottom metre of the outside wall has
waterproofing material placed over the bales prior to application of stucco
exterior, which helps to protect from "splash".
See "The Straw Bale House" by Steen, Steen and Bainbridge...published by
Chelsea Green.


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