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Dear bruce, what is your rainfall there?  I would love to do the same but
have moderately high
rainfall.  1200mm - what kind of foundations did you use?
thankyou for your post,

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>It was written:
>Straw bale is a great addition to the permaculture tool box and has many,
>many appropriate applications, particularly where people grow grain in
>quantity anyway.  In the north woods, it can be questionable for a number
>by Dan Hemenway...
>We live in the northwoods of northern Minnesota, near the headwaters of the
>Mississippi River.  We built a strawbale studio 4 summers ago for Cheryl's
>holistic health practice.  We have only glowing reports to give on its
>performance and esthetic appeal.
>You mentioned "a number of reasons" strawbale can be questionable
>here...please shed more light on this...
>Bruce Brummitt and Cheryl Valois
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