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The Bamboo Permaculturists Bookshelf:

International Plant Genetic Resources Institute//
IPGRI Regional Office for Asia, the Pacific and Oceania

Dransfield, S. and E.A. Widjaja (Eds.). 1995. Plant Resources of
South-East Asia No. 7. Bamboos. Backhuys Publishers, Leiden. 189 p.
[ISBN 979-8316-00-2 (no.jil.lengkap), ISBN 979-8316-21-5 (jil.7)].

This publication was jointly brought out by IDRC and PROSEA, and will 
be very useful for the scientists involved in bamboo research. It contains
information regarding origin and geographic distribution, botany,
morphology, anatomy, taxonomy, ecology, history of bamboo exploitation
and cultivation, properties and uses, propagation, breeding and genetic
resources, management of the wild resources, cultivation, post-harvest
handling and processing, trade, research priorities and development etc.
This is followed by a description, in alphabetical order, of 45 species. 
Brief description on 26 minor bamboos has also been presented. 

Ramanatha Rao, V. and A.N. Rao. (Eds.). 1995. Bamboo and Rattan Genetic
Resources and Use. International Plant Genetic Resources Institute, Rome, 
Italy. 88 p. [ISBN 92-9043-253-5]. 

This publication presents the proceedings of the first meeting of the
INBAR Biodiversity, Genetic Resources and Conservation Working Group
(BGTCWG), held from 7-9 November 1994 at Singapore. The deliberations
carried out at this meeting are recorded and recommendations given. It is 
a very useful synthesis of information on understanding the genetic diversity
among bamboos and rattan, their distribution, variation, conservation
and local uses etc. It is a very useful guide in planning future PGR studies. 

INBAR Newsletter. 1995 (Vol. 3, No. 2). International Network for Bamboo
and Rattan. 17 Jor Bagh, New Delhi 110 003, India.

INBAR is a global network on bamboo and rattan with a focus on research.
This Newsletter is brought out to provide wider dissemination of
information on bamboo and rattan work including PGR related information.
Activities from China, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand,
Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and other countries are reported. INBAR
programme on Biodiversity and Genetic Conservation is supported by

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