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Thought this might be of interest as an opportunity to promote
permaculture. It specifically mentions permaculture as one of the

North Central Sustainable Agriculture Extension Prof Dev Consortium
 Sustainable Agriculture Professional Development Grants

Dr. G. W. Bird, Coordinator
Department of Entomology
243 Natural Science Building
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI  48824
Phone: (517)353-3890  Fax: (517)353-4354
E-mail: birdg at
Web Site:

ACTIVITIES SUPPORTED:         Provision of Training Programs
LAST REVIEWED:                10/28/97
ACADEMIC BACKGROUND REQUIRED: Not Specified in Sponsor Literature
AGENCY TYPE:                  Other
DEADLINES ANNOUNCED:          02/14/98

The North Central Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education
Professional Development Program (NCR SARE PDP) is seeking proposals for
professional development initiatives in sustainable agriculture. Projects
should focus on professional development for Cooperative Extension System
(CES), Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), and other
appropriate agency and private sector personnel within the region, in the
concepts, systems, and practices of sustainable agriculture. Successful
projects will be part of the NCR SARE PDP. Priority project categories
are: alternative farming system projects (e.g. grazing, organic, HRM,
permaculture); socio-economic and quality of life education-based
activities; and consumer education. Projects can include educational
activities that will take place on commercial farms, workshops, or
conferences: including use of satellite or other interactive TV
technologies; development of materials and fact sheets, handbooks and
manuals, videos, ect.; or innovative combinations of these or other
activities. Projects having a scope beyond a single state are encouraged.
Projects that involve farmers-ranchers as meaningful participants
(instructors or providers of information, reviewers of materials, etc.)
are also strongly encouraged; as are those that foster partnerships
between public and private sector not-for-profit organizations,
sustainable agriculture associations, and efforts between 1862 and 1890
institutions. The proposed outcome of professional development projects
must include participants that are knowledgeable in sustainable
agriculture and capable of conducting adult education programs at state
and local levels. It is anticipated that most training initiative can be
undertaken as one-year projects. Two-year proposals, however, will be

Liz Ackermann
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