Are natural plant products dangerous to our health?

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Thu Nov 27 18:25:43 EST 1997

Several folks who publish to this newsgroup have implied that natural
plant products are not as environmentally damaging as man-made
chemicals.  There is a large volume of research and field observations
that suggest otherwise.  Below is just a small snippet of whats

II. Outbreak_of_Phototoxic_Dermatitis_from_Limes_-_Maryland

     On August 8, 1984, the Office of Disease Control and
Epidemiology, Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, 
was notified by a nurse at a day camp in Owings Mills, Maryland, 
of a rash illness reported among 12 children during the previous 
week.  The rash, confined to the dorsa of the hands and extensor 
and flexor surfaces of the forearms and in the form of blotches, 
speckles, and streaks, was macular, hyperpigmented, and
nonpruritic.  No other signs or symptoms were noted. 
Dermatologists diagnosed the rash as a phototoxic contact
dermatitis.  Investigation disclosed that limes used in an art 
class to make pomander balls were incriminated as the cause of 
the rash.

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