Software for planning permaculture systems.

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I for one would love to see more diagrams available, like the one at 


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I don't know of any software available but it's an interesting
question.  If you could have software what would it do?
Something like landscape design?  Or maybe a searchable
version of a design manual.  I ask because I'd consider writing
some software if I thought that permaculturalists would really use it.
I think that most people are better served by a good book and contact
with other people.

I was thinking about starting a web site where people could submit
drawings of their own designs and techniques.  A kind of living
book of Permaculture designs.  Perhaps the site could get permission
to use some existing published designs as well.  Books are still the
most useful "software" that I know of but a web site would allow the
occational designer to share with a large number of people.

Comments?  Ideas?  Other information exchange ideas?

Joe Dalsin - joed at

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