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Tue Mar 18 07:40:27 EST 1997

Internships in Permaculture

Yankee and Elfin Permaculture have created openings for two interns at our
newly-acquired facilities in central Florida.  We seek people with vision,
self-motivation, and balanced senses of adventure and boundaries.  Work will
include both office work for our publishing and teaching activities and
outdoor work as we create a permaculture design for our own place.  Specific
tasks will be balanced between routine work and projects for which the intern
takes primary responsibility. Duration of programs is negotiable though we
prefer a potential period of one year or more. With enough time, interns can
develop profit-sharing enterprises using our resource base.

Arrangements can be made for suitable interns to reside on site as our
guests.  There will be the opportunity for each intern to develop a personal
garden area, if s/he desires, to manage in any way consistent with ecological
responsibility and organic practices.  Simple vegetarian basics and cooking
facilities can be provided. (Meat eaters are welcome--we just don't want to
pay for it.  There may be surplus fish and game.)
Tobacco smokers will not be considered because of plant diseases carried on
tobacco and its smoke.  No drugs or illegal substances of any kind are
acceptable here.

There is also opportunity for select Permaculture Design Course graduates to
fill these slots as apprentices in our APT (Advanced Permaculture Training)

For details, send a concise statement to us directly at the email or U.S.
mail address below.  Hardcopy inquiries should be typed and confined to one
page. Please confine email to about 500 words.  

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We don't have time to rush.

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