Ozark Challenges

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Mon Mar 17 17:22:59 EST 1997

Bermuda Grass is a distinct challenge. The chemicals supposed to control it
do more harm that good. I don't really know any way to control it but to pay
attention to trimming, cutting it really close to catch the runners.
Thatching it every year or so. 

However, From a permaculture perspective, a really heavy sheet mulching on
top of cardboard, and newspaper--then about a foot of dense mulching
materials like lots of chipping stuff heavy with redwood, cedar, pine--other
aromatics and then layers of straw not hay, especially not hay. If you can
get rice, wheat, oats - the more the merrier. Make it damp as you build it up
and keep it damp if you can. Let the sun do its work. Stand back for a couple
of years. I like to scatter wheat seeds on top along with other grains plus
some wildflowers too. Favas love the whole business and add their good stuff
into what becomes a fertile wonderland with bermuda way down in the bottom.

The more main line folks will cover it with a heavy guage black plastic and
let it sit for a year or so. Gas it to death, I suppose.

For the really ambitious, dig  it out to at least 18 inches and get every bit
out before burning it--yes, burning it. The ashes then can be added back to
your compost pile. Waste not, want not.

Ticks? I try to live where they aren't. Hard to be friendly with ticks.

Milo Clark
Berkeley CA USA

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