Black Mesa Permaculture Workshop

David Fuller sol3az at
Tue Mar 4 12:55:27 EST 1997

BLACK MESA PERMACULTURE PROJECT (BMPP) Will be holding its 6th annual
certified drylands permaculture intensive design course on the
Navajo/Hopi reservation  May 24 - June 1, 1997. 

 BMPP is a project of Indigenous People living on reservation lands on
the Black Mesa in Northeastern Arizona.  We provide hands-on education
by developing working permaculture models, by implementing and
monitoring projects, by giving workshops and demonstrations, and by by
providing support and networking services.  We work with, and offer
services to, other Indigenous People interested in land restoration,
agriculture and sustainability in response to rapidly growing interest. 
We are building working relationships with the Native American Farmers
Association (TNAFA), the American Indian Science and Engineering Society
(AISES), and the Society for Ecological Restoration (SER) among others.  

The course is free to Native Americans and is open to others for $250.  

For more info contact: Justin Willy, PO Box 5350, Leupp, AZ  86035 USA

Phone (520) 526-6680

Email to David Fuller at djfuller at

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