Permaculture newsgroups at sunSITE are finally here!

Lawrence F. London, Jr. london at
Sun Jun 22 22:37:44 EDT 1997


InterGarden newsgroups at sunSITE for permaculture, gardening, 
CSA, homesteading, homebuilding, energy, nutrition-herbs-health 

- are not Usenet newsgroups. 
- are carried only by the sunSITE newsserver
- are all unmoderated (so far)
- all have non-expiring spools (all articles are 
  saved in a permanent archive for future access)

How to access them:
Add the news host: to your news reader

Or, point your Web browser to this URL:  
news://[put newsgroup name here]

So far these newsgroups have been created:

news://   permaculture.information
news://   biointensive-gardening
news://   community-supported-agriculture
news://   homesteading.skills
news://   homesteading.self-sufficiency
news://   homesteading.homepower
news://   homebuilding
news://   woodworking
news://   metalworking
news://   The Sustainable Farming Connection's farming-connection
news://   alt.sustainable.agriculture
news://   alt.agriculture.fruit

If you have a topic that's not covered by any of these groups 
and you would like a newsgroup created for it, let me know 
and I'll consider adding it to our list.

Lawrence F. London, Jr.
mailto:london at
Venaura Farm
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