1998 Natural Design Workshop Series

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Sun Jan 12 07:24:29 EST 1997

			                    The 1998
	   Exploring the economic & ecological potentials of the NW bioregion

			   Wild Thyme Farm, Oakville, WA

March 7th
Agroforestry: High Value Timber & Multi-purpose Trees
	w/Michael Pilarski

March 14th
Cultivating Edible Mushrooms
	w/Bill Hulbert

March 21st
Water Harvesting
	w/Michael Lockman

March 22nd
Hands-on Workparty at the Wild Thyme Farm

April 4th
Building a Bamboo Farm
	w/Simon Henderson & Daphne Lewis

May 16th & 17th
Wildcrafting Native Herbs
	w/Michael Pilarski & Jonathan Dubey

June 19th - 21st
6th Annual NW Permaculture Rendezvous

July 11th & 12th
Designing the Home Ecosystem (in Olympia)
	w/Larry Santoyo

The Permaculture Design Course
-offered over four weekends:
Sept. 5-7, Sept. 19-20, Oct. 3-4, & Oct. 16-18th
	w/Michael Lockman & Ted Butchart

For a full description of each workshop or information on costs,
instructors, accommodations, directions, registration, etc.  Please
Kirk Hanson
C/O Permaculture West
72 Mattson Rd.
Oakville, WA 98568
ph./fx. (360) 273-7117
e-mail: permawest at olywa.net

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