Yay for the Pc Credit Union

Permaculture West permawest at olywa.net
Mon Jan 6 02:43:15 EST 1997

	Just wanted to voice my full support for what you are doing.  Given the
nature and scope of what you are attempting and the fact that you are
pioneering this effort I realize you will likely receive a great deal of
unconstructive criticism and have tedious demands made of you from those
who have difficulty being patient and watching a process unfold.  I think
it is imperative that the permaculture community step out of the "Home &
Garden" show and into the greater realm of community supporting functions. 
Only by engaging the same systems that operate within our current society
and seeking to improve on these systems will we find the means towards
effective change.  It's the old "observe the existing patterns and work
within them" approach.
	Thanks again for your pioneering efforts.

										Kirk Hanson

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