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>>* Management of interdisciplinary R & D *
>>FSD practioners have often been challenged by the question of how to arrange 
>>for the productive cooperation between the various disciplines and/or 
>>institutions which is required for successful rural development.  The 
>>importance of this issue was recognized by the International Agricultural 
>>Economics Association which asked Mr Jean-Marc Boussard to organize a 
>>mini-sysmposium titled: UHAgricultural economists and agricultural 
>>scientists: how can they cooperate?DH at its recent Conference in Sacramento, 
>>California.    Useful perspectives related to agricultural development 
>>projects, public agricultural extension and research and international 
>>organizations were presented.   It was concluded that the scale of 
>>interdisciplinary work is growing but there is substantial scope for 
>>increasing the effectiveness of such work.  Some of the means of increasing 
>>effectiveness are multidisciplinary frameworks of agricultural development 
>>processes, clear articulation of objectives and tasks, participatory team 
>>building techniques and multi-sectoral modeling.   For further information, 
>>contact Mr Jean-Marc Bossard (boussard at ivry.inra.fr).
>>*Sustainability Indicators*

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