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Hi, This seems to me to be a universal problem, so I have forwarded it on 
to you, and i will follow it up when the newsletter come out.

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Hi Folks!

It's that time AGAIN--looking for story volunteers for the upcoming JANUARY
'98 Quarterly. Jody's in Africa and we're trying to wrap up that issue prior
to her return in mid-October and prior to my "official" departure from the

The theme of the upcoming Q is:  MONITORING HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS.

What I need from you is:

1. How our children help us "monitor" our Quality of Life!  

For example, one farmer in the Southwest, while taking people on a tour of
all his farm activities--and describing how he's working 70 hours a week,
etc.--had his young daughter continually pulling on his sleeve all day,
saying "Daddy, Daddy" -- obviously telling him he wasn't spending enough
time at home with the kids!

OR, a woman executive who had been stressed out and working nights on a law
suit in her community, had her young son ask her, "Mommy, do you think your
lawyer will give you permission to take a day off to go fishing with us?"

--Give us any examples from your own children or whatever--how children
intuitively know how to monitor quality of life and let us adults know!!!

2. I am looking for anyone who has attempted to create some means of
monitoring the "people stuff" who would be willing to share their
information in an article. 

I will excitedly await your responses. THANKS!!! best, sandy

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