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Victor Guest vic at daena.eepo.com.au
Tue Aug 26 15:33:15 EDT 1997

Hi folks !
Looks interesting but have tried several times this weekend to get into
these sites ... keep getting told 'wrong address'!!

Has anyone gotten in?  or have a different www address for them?


At 05:16 PM 8/23/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Dear SAEd subscribers;
>I got this 'in the mail' and have not used it, so I do not know if these
>claims of greatness are substantiated. But looked interesting so here it is
>FYI. If someone knows something about this service, pop onto the list and
>tell us what you think or if there are hidden costs.
>Nancy GS
>>Status: U
>>DATE: 22 Aug 97 4:47:09 PM
>>FROM: agrisurf at agrisurf.com (AgriSurf!)
>>TO: ng13 at cornell.edu
>>SUBJECT: www.agrisurf.com
>>Dear fellow agricultural enthusiast,
>>        We have borrowed your desktop real-estate
>>for a minute to tell you about two great new
>>agricultural resources.
>>1. AgriSurf! - the worlds largest searchable
>>   agricultural web index.
>>2. The AgriSurfer - the worlds first HTML compliant
>>   email newsletter for agriculture.
>>AgriSurf! has links to everything agricultural
>>on the internet - from wheat cropping to fish
>>farming, from forestry to tillage equipment.
>>If you are looking for agricultural info on
>>the WWW - this is a great place to start.
>>'The AgriSurfer' brings the latest agricultural
>>web happenings right to you email inbox! Not
>>only does it include pictures, but also
>>hot links right to the sites of interest.
>>With more agricultural sites indexed than the
>>two leading mainstream web indexes combined we
>>think you will vastly increase your chances
>>of finding the sites you need by using these
>>Our motto is 'more grain, less chaff' and our
>>aim is to provide you with more and better
>>information in less time. Our services are
>>totally free. Please check us out!
>>Happy Surfing!
>>The AgriSurf! Management
>>agrisurf at agrisurf.com
>>agrisurfer at agrisurfer.com
>>AgriSurf! does not support the use of
>>indiscriminate spam. We have emailed you
>>because we have reason to believe that
>>it will be of interest to you. Our sincere
>>apologies if this is not the case. Our
>>return email addresses are valid.
>END AgriSurf! message, with some cuts from this statement by NGS 8/97
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