V-HM: Cheap food (fwd)

Victor Guest vic at daena.eepo.com.au
Tue Aug 26 16:55:05 EDT 1997

Hi Mark,

You asked:
> A question on CSA's: do shareholders contribute cash up front for someone
> to produce them fresh food? How are their returns delivered i.e. are they

> guaranteed a certain volume of produce for the season, for no charge? 

This is exactly the scenario. Shareholders pay up front some certain "share
price" (it varies from CSA to CSA) at the beginning of the season,
theoretically. However, there are many variations to this. Mostly,
though,the farmer gets the cash somewhat at the beginning of the season to
fund his/her operation. The shareholders "return" is fresh produce for the
entire growing season. This fresh produce is whatever is in season. The
benefits are (1) fresh (usually picked that day), (2) organic (usually),
and (3) the shareholder knows for certain where the food came from and how
it was produced. Any indirect benefit is the locking in of a certain
percentage of the shareholders food supply.

Anyho, take care!!

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