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This post dates from 25 Oct 1995. Compilation by Molly Anderson,
manderso at, Tufts, USA. This post was also listed on SANET.


Moll's post begins here:


>>This doesn't pretend to be a complete list;  we could keep adding
>>excellent references indefinitely.  However, it's a start for those who
>>are teaching agroecology;  and it gives the rest of us an idea of what is
>>being included in that field currently.
>>Molly D. Anderson
>>Director, Degree Program in Agriculture, Food and Environment
>>Tufts University School of Nutrition Science & Policy
>>Medford, MA  02155-7028

>>The following is a compilation of responses to my query about
>>a good text for an agroecology course, specifically one that
>>covers the basic ecological principles underlying
>>agricultural production with attention to different
>>agricultural systems and geographic regions.
>>First, THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to respond.
>>It is wonderful to see (and benefit from) the network in
>>action.  Second, the diversity of topics people include
>>within "agroecology" is remarkable.  The texts recommended
>>below range far and wide.  Third, many people said they would
>>like a text similar to the one I am seeking;  but they have
>>been unable to find something comprehensive at a suitable
>>price for students' wallets.  Most people teaching
>>agroecology courses are trying to cobble together readings
>>and selections from books.
>>The stars preceding references below indicate the number of
>>times a particular book was recommended, not necessarily a
>>quality ranking.  I'm sure we are leaving out some relevant
>>references:  if your favorite text is not here, please feel
>>free to notify the list.  I checked references in my personal
>>library and on the Library of Congress MARC file, but
>>couldn't get complete citations or a confirmation of the information
>>others had sent me on a few of these.
>>Recommended books (either main texts, or supplements dealing
>>with specific topics):
>>******** Altieri, Miguel.  1995.  Agroecology:  The Science
>>of Sustainable Agriculture.  2nd Edition.  Boulder:  Westview
>>Press.  (many people recommended the first edition, but the
>>2nd is now available)
>>**** Loomis, R.S. and Conner, D.J.  1992.  Crop Ecology:
>>Productivity and Management in Agricultural Systems.
>>Cambridge University Press.
>>*** Carroll, C. Ronald, John H. Vandermeer and Peter M.
>>Rosset (Eds.).  1990.  Agroecology.  New York:  McGraw-Hill.
>>** Edwards, C.A., R. Lal, P. Madden, R. Miller and G. House
>>(Eds.).  Sustainable Agricultural Systems.  Ankeny, Iowa:
>>Soil & Water Conservation Society.
>>** Gliessman, Stephen.  199_.  Agroecology: Ecological
>>Processes in Sustainable Agriculture. (forthcoming text)
>>** Reijntjes, Coen, Bertus Heverkort, and Ann Waters-Bayer.
>>19__.  Farming For The Future - An Introduction to Low-
>>External-Input and Sustainable Agriculture.  Information
>>Centre for Low-External-Input and Sustainable Agriculture
>>(ILEIA), Netherlands.
>>** Tivy, Joy.  1990.  Agricultural Ecology.  Essex, England:
>>Longman Scientific and Technical.
>>* Beets, Willem. 19__.  Raising and Sustaining Productivity
>>of Smallholder Agriculture in the Tropics. AgBe Publishing.
>>* Bender, Jim.  1994.  Future Harvest.  Pesticide-Free
>>Farming.  Lincoln, Nebraska:  University of Nebraska Press.
>>* Berry, Wendell.  1977.  The Unsettling of America:  Culture
>>and Agriculture.  San Francisco:  Sierra Club Books.
>>* Bird, Elizabeth Ann R., Gordon L. Bultena and John C.
>>Gardner (Eds.).  1995.  Planting the Future:  Developing an
>>Agriculture that Sustains Land and Community.  Ames, Iowa:
>>Iowa State University Press.
>>* Briggs, David J. and Frank M. Courtney.  1985.  Agriculture
>>and Environment:  The Physical Geography of Temperate
>>Agricultural Systems.
>>* Carter, Vernon Gill and Tom Dale.  1974.  Topsoil and
>>Civilization.  Norman:  University of Oklahoma Press.
>>* Corson, Walter.  1990.  The Global Ecology Handbook:  What
>>You Can Do about the Environmental Crisis.  Washington, DC:
>>Global Tomorrow Coalition. (Phone: 202 628-4016)
>>* Cox, George W. and Michael D. Atkin

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