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>To Victor Guest and All,
>On what basis would permaculturists believe that we can produce the
>world's food on 4.5% of arable land? Have there been any studies which
>quantify permaculture production of food?

I don't know of the studies I only can pass on to you the Philosophy.

Most suburban homes in Australia (as an example) if they planted food in 
their gardens could produce 60-70% maybe more of their needs.
plus eggs, nuts meat, fruit etc. If we see what the potentials are if you
use all the microcosms which are in an enviroment this potential is 
possibly more like 90%. the other thing here is that the health of these 
people would improve dramatically.
We would not need to worry about income so much if we had a smaller need.
We would need to get our farmers to rethink their production streams and
we could grow more trees and return more land to wilderness.

By enhancing nature (permaculture) we can possibly grow more than whatever 
is the seen as the natural potential now. You need to read "The One Straw 
Revolution" to get the concepts which have as we understand not been 
eclipsed by anything of an artificial chemical nature.
Christians Respecting Earth And The Environment and the Australian 
Coalition for Economic Justice, are both groups who could do to study 
these techniques as well as Holistic Management.

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>Christians Respecting Earth And The Environment 
>Australian Coalition for Economic Justice
>On Fri, 11 Jul 1997, Victor Guest wrote:
>> Monoculture as a sort of rule of thumb can only produce about 10% of the 
>> natural bush. The microcosm's around a house can produce all of the
>> environments from temperate to tropical. If the house covers half the block
>> in a 20in rainfall and we save the water from the roof area. and use it to 
>> grow food, we are effectively in a 40inch rainfall. Permaculturists believe
>> that we could produce the worlds food on 4.5% of the arable land.

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