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Wed Aug 20 06:41:03 EDT 1997

To Victor Guest and All,

On what basis would permaculturists believe that we can produce the
world's food on 4.5% of arable land? Have there been any studies which
quantify permaculture production of food?

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On Fri, 11 Jul 1997, Victor Guest wrote:

> Monoculture as a sort of rule of thumb can only produce about 10% of the 
> natural bush. The microcosm's around a house can produce all of the
> environments from temperate to tropical. If the house covers half the block
> in a 20in rainfall and we save the water from the roof area. and use it to 
> grow food, we are effectively in a 40inch rainfall. Permaculturists believe
> that we could produce the worlds food on 4.5% of the arable land.

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