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Thu Aug 7 10:21:09 EDT 1997

The range and experience of the speakers already volunteering to
participate in the Fall meeting of the South Eastern Composting
Association meeting to be held on October 23 and 24 in Lake Lure is
overwhelmingly impressive.

 While not designed to be either a training session or a trade show, the
attendees will be exposed to some of the finest speakers from across the
country who will be giving updates and answering questions on industry
related topics and concerns including regulatory issues, MSW/Biosolids
composting, integration of large scale composting with sustainability,
large scale windrow composting, in vessel composting, etc..

Beyond these wonderful opportunities to hear and discuss current trends
there will also be group discussions and break out sessions to meet and
share with "those who are doing"! As a nonprofit, nonfunded, non
affiliated meeting all sessions and the meeting itself are at no charge.
However, you are asked to contact Clarence W. Walker at 770-392-1313 or
via mail or internet as listed below to assure we do not exceed the
conference room size of 200. Attendance is solely based upon a first
come first served policy.

While geared primarily to representation from the southeastern states
from Texas to Virginia a limited number of spaces have been reserved for
those interested in carrying a similar function to their region or
COUNTRY that we might all work together in the furtherance of composting
as the waste processing methodology for today and for the future with
the hope of all countries sharing in communication as the I.C.A..

Your assistance in reaching those who are not on the internet would be

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