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Subject: Try a copy of the Pedigree, A  Genetic resource inventory
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Availability of a new software....
Visit and Get a free copy of the Pedigree a
genetic resource inventory system for 37 horticyultural fruit crops

Pedigree for Windows (16 & 32 bit version) is user-friendly software
designed to help plant breeders and researchers to track agronomic
characteristics, genetic information, performance, images and pedigrees
of the 37 horticultural fruit crops. The program has been designed in
such a way that the user, already familiar with the Windows operating
environment should have little or no need to refer to the documentation
provided with the program on CD. The provided data and images and the
entered information can be deleted or modified according to regional
response of the genotype. There is no restriction on the number of
genotypes and images for a particular crop. The available images and
data entered in pedigree can be retrieved and modified using your
favorite graphic and spread sheet software or directly by the Pedigree
program. Basic information like male & female parents, origin and some
plant, fruit and disease characteristics are already entered for several
fruit crops, including more than 1400 apple, >800 strawberry, >100
blackberry, >80 blueberry, >790 pear cultivars, etc. A universal database
structure is used for all fruit crops; therefore some fields (e.g. Calyx
opening for apple) will not be used for small fruit crops. Pedigree for
DOS can be run under Windows 3.x, and 95, but it will not use the
available resources of the window environment. 
Visit: http//www.pgris.Com or for details 

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