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RODALE's Annual GardenFest '97 will be held in Kutztown, PA on Saturday,
August 2.

John Jeavons (ECOLOGY ACTION) is the keynote speaker.

Howard Yanno Shapiro, founder of Seeds of Change is giving two workshops on
diversity and beauty plus many many more speakers and workshops  will be
available throughout the day (and GREAT SALES on RODALE PRESS BOOKS!!)


the BIODYNAMIC ASSOCIATION will staff and stock an information table at
this event.

Please drop by and pick up a FREE COPY of Issue 212 (JULY AUGUST) of
"BIODYNAMICS, Farming and Gardening in the 21st Century,"  the bi-monthly
journal of the BIODYNAMIC Farming and Gardening Association. (This issue
features several articles on BIODYNAMIC approaches to viticulture as well
as a STUNNING study of  the cost/benefits of  'forced' composting vs
classic composting.)

(If the printer is on the ball, the 1998 STELLA Natura planting calendars
will be available at the BD table also!)

Hope to See You There Tomorrow!!

Allan Balliett
Farming & Gardening in the 21st Century
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Shepherdstown, WV 25443
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