understory to hardy nuts?

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Beware of sheep - they can and will compact the soil, and as they 
are decended for an animal like a goat - don't turn your back on them.
chickens are fine for mature trees but they too, can be destructive when
have a mind too, why not use geese as a cover crop! You can sell the eggs
or meat or feathers and they will convert existing greens into fertilizer,
contribute to the wetness of the soil with their wet padding.  Ducks are 
ideal but eat less grasses.  They only need a small amount of water
not a huge outlay.  This keeps the soil covered with a low binding of weeds
and grasses and enables you to harvest easily,  I would consider putting in
small hedges that aid harvest by directing nuts down hill (not planted
across the contour 
as this may trap the nuts.)  Then you can trap the nuts where you want

I have just returned from a long holiday in Shetland Ireland and UK. After
Shetland I am
afraid I agree with my WA friends that sheep should be called paddock lice.
 I love trees
and like them to have a fair chance.

April Sampson-Kelly
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> Subject: understory to hardy nuts?
> Date: Friday, August 29, 1997 7:07 PM
> We have a planting project called the Theatre of Plant.  7 acres of
> former pasture on the dark side of a creek valley.  Zone 4 Wisconsin. 
> My overstory planting is all manner of nut that will grow in WI.  Im
> interested in entertaining suggestion of possible understory plants for
> the buartnut, butternut, walnut plantings & for the chestnut plantings. 
> I have a pretty good idea but would really like to get some surprise
> suggestions.
> Also most of the trees are 2-3 years old & are just now starting to take
> off, especially since the actual way that trees get established here in
> the cold north is they die back to the ground for 2-3 years & then after
> that start to take off.  Any way my further question is does it make
> sense to start putting understory plants in at this early stage.  I know
> the obvious answer would be cover crops but we have neither the money or
> did I want to do anymore tilling on this land that has lain fallow for
> 20 years.
> Miekal And
> I second the notion that the juicy response to cover crop resources was
> quite entertaining as a one time intervention.  Gave me a good laugh
> anyway.
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