understory to hardy nuts?

Miekal And dtv at mwt.net
Sat Aug 30 06:49:14 EDT 1997

Id like to follow up on Dan H's response as to understory species &

1.  Im concerned about harvestability of the nuts, that is there are a
lot of brambles or autumn olive or other uncontrollable species that we
permaculturalists love, that it will make it much more difficult to
gather nuts.

2. I am also very interested to know if there is are any guilds that 
are companion to juglan species, with an emphasis on medicinal herbs,
economic species, food, wildlife cover, pollination.

3. The species that I have the least success with have been gingko,
beech, & hardy pecan.  What, in addition to tree tubes (dont flame me)
will increase there viability?

4.  Apples & Walnuts?

5.  Yes we are in the land of white pine. Does that mean definitively
that the ribes should not be planted?

6.  The area is being invaded by river willow on one side, poison ivy on
another & sumac on another.  Im guessing that the sumac & willow are
actually beneficial in this situation.  & that I should eradicate the
poison ivy.  Roundup?  Goats?  Sheet Mulch?  Who has experience with
things that work & dont have a lifetime case of poison ivy because of

7. One comment.  There are more deer than people in Wisconsin.  They are
great fans of mulching because it exposes the young succulent trees from
the tall grasses.  Yet the trees benefit greatly from mulching.  Luckily
they seem not to have a taste for the walnut species, but they love the
chestnuts & poples.  In my design I am thinking of lining the deer paths
that all lead thru the orchard to the water below with nanking cherries
& other species that are most desirable to the deerpeople.  Any

Well Ive plastered youall with enough questions now, have to admit that
this is a great way to get design imput, but nothing replaces face to
face, so if any of you make it to wisconsin & have ideas about these
things Id love to walk you thru our various plantings.

Miekal And

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