understory to hardy nuts?

Miekal And dtv at mwt.net
Fri Aug 29 05:07:28 EDT 1997

We have a planting project called the Theatre of Plant.  7 acres of
former pasture on the dark side of a creek valley.  Zone 4 Wisconsin. 
My overstory planting is all manner of nut that will grow in WI.  Im
interested in entertaining suggestion of possible understory plants for
the buartnut, butternut, walnut plantings & for the chestnut plantings. 
I have a pretty good idea but would really like to get some surprise

Also most of the trees are 2-3 years old & are just now starting to take
off, especially since the actual way that trees get established here in
the cold north is they die back to the ground for 2-3 years & then after
that start to take off.  Any way my further question is does it make
sense to start putting understory plants in at this early stage.  I know
the obvious answer would be cover crops but we have neither the money or
did I want to do anymore tilling on this land that has lain fallow for
20 years.

Miekal And

I second the notion that the juicy response to cover crop resources was
quite entertaining as a one time intervention.  Gave me a good laugh

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