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> >    Also, I am in school to be a high school teacher, and would like to hear
> > from other teachers regarding bringing permaculture ideas into the classroom.
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We work with schools as permaculture consultants. At the moment we are
involved in a primary school in Sydney, Australia in a whole school/
community particpatory design of the school ground. The primary school
students use the site during school time and the community have access
after hours.

The design team is made up of community artist, Aboriginal
artist/storyteller, an architect and Pacific Edge Permaculture.

Other things happening in Australia - Carolyn Nuttall has produced a
wonderful little book on her experience teaching permaculture in a
Brisbane primary school. The title is a Childrens Food Forest and is
available from the Permaculture International Journal. She is working on
a set of worksheet to be published next year I think.

I think a secondary teacher, Ross Mars, from Perth, Western Australia,
is currently developing permaculture curricula materials which he
intends to publish as a book. Ross teaches permaculture as a school

After the Permaculture International Convergence last year we had a
permaculture in Schools networking day. Material from the participants 
was collated into a Permaculture in Schools kit and is available from us
for $Aus15 postage paid within Australia or $Aus20 overseas postage

We have carried out a survey based on a questionairre to discover what
is being practiced as permaculture in schools in Australia. I remember
that there are a few overseas respondents.

The survey is complete and we will do a minimum amount of interpretation
of the returned questionnaires and photocopy them for distribution as a
research information base for permaculture in schools activists,
teachers, community educators and playground planners following the
Australasian Permaculture Convergence in October this year. 

HOpe this information is of interest to you...
...Fiona and Russ

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