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Sat Aug 16 17:15:18 EDT 1997

permaculture at wrote:
> Greetings to all.  I would like to do an internship/apprenticeship on a
> permaculture farm.  I recently received the ATTRA (Appropriate Technology
> Transfer for Rural Areas) resource list, but would like to find a similar
> list consisting of permaculture farms.  Where would I find such a listing?
>  Does one exist?  I am familiar with The Permaculture Activist, but I am
> looking for something more extensive that what is listed in the classified
> section.  Any information would be appreciated.
>    Also, I am in school to be a high school teacher, and would like to hear
> from other teachers regarding bringing permaculture ideas into the classroom.
>                                                       Tim
I do not have information about internships, but the idea of getting
permaculture into the classrooms is my main interest.
I am working on a permaculture project with an elementary school.
Right now it only focuses on the landscaping/agricultural side, because
it is hands on for the younger children.
The integration of permaculture into the curriculum is more
controversial. I think it is wise to be caucious about how you present
it. A good idea is to get support from related programs, like "Project
Wild", "Schoolyard Wildlife Habitat","Service Learning" to name a few.
"Future Farmers of America" can be revived.
Use the channels that are already in existance and be creative.
Almost every subject provides links to Permaculture integrate them where
applicable. Be careful with too radical ideas they are not understood
unless the groudwork is done. 

Good luck, Jenny

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